I tell ya…..if I can master my emotions….
I’ve been a musician since 4th grade. Something about making good music really stirs my soul. I’ve played in orchestras, concert bands, jazz bands, rock bands, pit orchestras and even a bluegrass band.  Every kind of music there is requires the musicians to emote – to convey their feelings to the audience through the use of sound.
Music for me is my method to express my feelings. Classical musician express their own feelings by the pieces they select to play. It’s a combination of the skill of the composor brought to life by the musician. It’s a bond, a union of two minds using each other to express a thought, feeling or idea that neither can express by themselves.
It’s an awesome experience but it comes at a price. Artists feel more, see more and hear things that others don’t. This can lead to higher highs and lower lows. Sometimes, the feelings can overwhelm. Sometimes I can start to feel overwhelmed.
Wouldn’t it be cool to feel emotions and then have the abiltity  to control them?
The law of substitution and Og’s scroll has given me a starting point on learning how to master emotions. I will take those emotions, control them and then redirect that energy into working on my dream.


So in this week of silence, why do I say get your motor runnin’?  I enjoy riding my motorcycle long distances. It is an amazing experience to sit on the motorcycle and ride it 1000 miles in one day from early morning to late at night. I especially find it transformative to ride alone for these great distances. Every fall, I take a few days off from work and life to ride my motorcycle. The bike gets loaded up with camping gear and enough stuff to last me for those days. I do not put on the radio and I don’t talk to hardly anyone.

It usually takes about 10 hours to get settled down into the bike. It takes time to stop fighting the bike,  relax and become part of the motorcycle. Once that happens, it is a completely different ride. The tiredness coupled with the steady hum of that beautiful Harley sound puts me in an altered state. Mind you, I am still paying attention to my surroundings but there is a different feeling to everything that is hard to describe. By this time, it’s usually dark out which adds to the whole experience.

Is this a “runner’s high”?…. not quite. I think the better way to describe it is a  “vision quest” that has been part of some Native American cultures. Wikipedia describes it this way: “A traditional Native American vision quest consists of a person spending one to four days and nights secluded in nature. This provides time for deep communion with the fundamental forces and spiritual energies of creation and self-identity. During this time of intense spiritual communication a person can receive profound insight into themselves and the world. This insight, typically in the form of a dream of Vision, relates directly to their purpose and destiny in life.”
After my first trip like this several years ago, I could relate at least a bit to what it is like. It does bring clarity of thought and can be life changing. I cant wait to go on my next ride because just before I fire up the bike, I’ll read my DMP, the blueprint builder, etc and have that in my mind as I see what’s around the bend.

Week 21 – If It’s easy…..

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I have been struggling for the past 6 months. For some odd reason, I felt totally uncomfortable when thinking of my business. I just couldn’t bring myself to talk to anyone much less than making calls. When looking back, I have no idea why.  There is no dilemma about if this is legitimate or not so that has not been the case. I have had no problem presenting and was successful at it when I did. I think down deep, it was very important that I appear as competent in what I do. There is nothing worse for me, as a musician is to be onstage unprepared.

Now, after almost 5 months in this class, I am feeling so much better about this business. I have an MMA that includes members of the previous class and they have been very supportive. I am not uptight when making business presentations and as I have noted before, I am able to make phone calls without dying.

I knew back in September what I needed from this class and I have received it. I now have the tools to influence myself to overcome difficulties that have and will crop up. This gift will live with me the rest of my life and I plan on sharing the opportunity for this class to everyone I know when it becomes open again.

Week 20 – Putting them Together

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As I have said before, becoming aware of what is around you has been the biggest benefit I have noticed. Before this class, I have seen most of the videos that have been played but never made the connection between all those videos. Now I see how they fit together. When thought of as a collection instead of individuals, each video becomes more powerful. I have seen the video on posture and also the other video on gratitude. When well-being and physical posture are coupled together, it really does influence us far greater than when thought of individually.

With that in mind, what else is out there have I viewed as totally separate entities can actually be tied together? As I go about my day, I am looking in earnest for connections of seemingly disparate events and linking them together to amplify their meaning.  Just like the class, it will be a cumulative effect that will propel me to higher levels.

When I signed up for this course, I was looking for something very specific to get out of it. My fear of making business calls was paralyzing me to the point of quitting the business. There is no point in trying to do network marketing if it’s physically painful to pick up the phone. I am now pleased to say that my fear is all but gone. I was able to make five contacts today and felt totally fine throughout. Before the course, my hands would be shaking  and it physically hurt to make business calls. I explained my story a couple of months ago in a blog post. Today was conclusive proof to myself that I got out of this course exactly what I was hoping for. I truly believe the MKMMA course coupled with Go90Grow have changed my life and soon the physical world will reflect the change in me.

You know….it’s interesting how all of a sudden you notice things that were always there right in front of you. My business has been dormant for awhile. I haven’t done much due to various reasons..er…excuses but  it has been time to answer the call to action. As part of the awareness of the call to action,  opportunities to bring up my business have been occurring regularly. Several times this week during normal conversation, people have brought up problems that my business could help and I was ready to go with the right words and with the right delivery.
When I couple my new found awareness with the skills I’ve learned through the GO90Grow class, the business just becomes so natural. The other day, I was presenting to a couple of people and it was so easy to appeal to what they were looking for. It was like I was reading their minds.The biggest benefit to this course is to just open up our minds to what is there, right in front of your face. Once I’m aware of what is going on around me, it becomes easy.

Week 17 – I Got Nuttin’

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As I’m sitting here at 5:26am wondering about what I’m going to write about, nothing is is popping into my head. Usually, there are so many ideas swirling around that it’s hard to decide what to put down. This day, this week, the ideas just aren’t there so what is a guy to do? Well, let’s pull out the cards…..”I gassed up the cars”…..”I made a good breakfast”……”I graduated College with Honors”. Then it hit me. What a great idea those cards are! The cards are a constant reminder that every day is filled with accomplishments and everyday is filled with so many things to be grateful for.

I listened to a T.E.D. Talk about a year about about how to improve attitudes and improve a sense of well being. It was interesting that the presenter said that one of the best methods to make improvements is to list 2 things you are thankful for every day. At first, it’s very easy to come up with a couple without repeating but after a couple of weeks, it takes a bit more awareness to come up with two more every day without repeating, and that’s where the magic starts. I started noticing all the little things that make life easier that don’t any attention. My day job is 45 miles from where I live so I’m grateful that I have a car that is comfortable and mechanically sound. I’m grateful for roads that take me right there. The realization that there are so many things are in place to make life easier helps to make the sun shine just a bit brighter and the winter seem just a bit warmer.

So yeah, “I got nuttin’ ” turned into something pretty cool. If I open my eyes, there is a whole lot of somethin’ out there and it’s time for me to contribute and let the somethin’ I have shine.